Finnish flatcoated retriever society

The Finnish Flatcoated Retrievers is an organization that was founded 1982. In co-operation with the Finnish Retriever Society (SNJ) and other Retriever Societies, our goal is to influence the positive development of our breed. The Society follows up the success of Flatcoated Retrievers in trials and shows.

Our aim is to encourage the breeding, training and recreation of healthy Flatcoated Retrievers typical for the breed. We also interact with the Finnish Kennel club.

In order to join you do not need to own a flatcoated retriever. As a member you’ll get the society’s newsletter four times a year, you are given a priority to participate society’s trials and trainings. If you join in the middle of the year you will receive the earlier Newsletters of the year. The membership is valid during the calendar year.

Upon joining the society, please inform the following details to our membership secretary:

• Your name
• Your address 
• Your telephone number / email address

You can apply for the membership via email or post.

When our Membership Secretary has received your application she will send you an invoice with details of the payment. Please wait until you you receive the invoice.

Society's membership fees 2024

Single 28 € + 10 € posting fee for members living outside Finland

Joint 6 € (no Newsletter)

New member additional fee 5 €

Membership fees are to be paid to the following bank account:

FI23 5620 0920 4247 43  / OKOYFIHH

Change of address: Please inform any changes in your post address or name changes to our Membership Secretary. When the address is changed please also mention the previous address to avoid misunderstandings. You can inform the changes via email or post.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary.

Heidi Vainio 
Leikluodontie 130 
23310 Taivassalo 
+358 400 822 110
jasenasiat (ä)